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HDSB is excited to announce the Exploring Skilled Trades event for grade 7 students.

This live event will take place on
May 4 from 9:00 – 10:30 am

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Welcome HDSB Students and Educators!

Explore the Trades! is a virtual event for all grade 7 students and their teachers to inform, inspire, and raise the profile of the skilled trades as a rewarding and challenging career pathway for our students. Today you will learn more about what the skilled trades and technologies are all about, the wide range of career possibilities they have to offer, and what next steps you can take to explore your options in the trades. We hope you enjoy every minute of this virtual experiential learning and pathway planning event.  


If you're interested in exploring the trades further, speak to your classroom teacher, Student Success teacher, or Guidance Counsellor for more information!


Need help? Check out this instructional video.

Instructional Video
Keynote Speaker


Follow along by clicking on each button on the menu (above) to participate in each part of today’s event agenda. This includes:


9:00 - 9:20 am Welcome and Keynote Speaker
9:20 - 9:40 am Breakout 1 (click on the link of interest)
9:40 - 10:00 am Breakout 2 (click on the link of interest)
10:00 - 10:20 am Breakout 3 (click on the link of interest)
10:20 - 10:30 am So You’re Interested In the Trades, Now what?


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What are the Skilled Trades?

  • What are the Skilled Trades?

    A skilled trade is a highly valued career path that requires hands-on-work and specialty skills and knowledge in a variety of technology-based areas. Skilled tradespeople enjoy work in 144 apprenticeable trade areas and hundreds of other non-apprenticeable areas. They are keen problem solvers, critical thinkers, capable mathematicians, effective communicators and ambitious entrepreneurs. The trades are divided into four key sectors: construction, industrial, service and motive.

    What are the Skilled Trades?
  • Skilled tradespeople can pursue many different pathways to a career in their chosen field but typically it will involve work experience, on the job training, college courses and sometimes, a formal qualifying exam. The apprenticeship pathway is an equally valued post-secondary pathway along with college, community, university and work. There is no ‘best’ pathway but there is one or more pathways that may be the best fit for you!


Careers In the Trades

Careers In the Trades

There are so many skilled trades to explore! With 144 apprenticeable trades and hundreds more that are non-apprenticeable, the sky really is the limit when it comes to exploring the trades as a potential career path.


There are many different pathways that can take you to the trades. Some students begin their training in high school by taking co-operative education or a Pathways Program such as an Ontario Youth Apprenticeship or Specialist High Skills Major Program. Others ‘sign on’ with a skilled journeyperson right out of high school that helps support their pathway to their skilled trade of interest. Others take a pre-apprenticeship program at college to give them a chance to explore a trade and make connections to employers in the trades. There is no right or wrong way to get there!


Skilled Trade Resources

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3D Tours

Experience a high school technological education classroom through a 3D tour.

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