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Welcome to Explore the Trades! Halton’s first virtual trades exploration event for Grade 7 students. We hope that you and your teachers learn a great deal about the trades and technologies today and walk away with a better understanding of the possibilities that your future may hold. We’ll ask you to start by watching this video: Welcome to the Skilled Trades.


Step 1: Watch this introductory video

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Welcome to the Skilled Trades

Step 2: Watch this keynote address

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Keynote address by Mandy Rennehan

Skilled Tradesperson and CEO of Freshco.

Keynote Speaker

Mandy Rennehan (a.k.a. Bear) is called the Blue-Collar CEO for her ability to seamlessly navigate between the white- and blue-collar worlds, and to respectfully ‘tell it like it is’. Mandy is a sought-after speaker, multiple award-winning entrepreneur, philanthropist, and trade industry ambassador. Mandy’s vision goes well beyond building successful businesses. She is redefining the collar, blue to help solve the massive skilled trade shortage in North America.


Mandy is challenging the misconception that white-collar jobs are “better” or “more desirable” than blue-collar ones. Society needs both collars, and if we do not change this, the crippling effects of the skilled labour shortage will only get worse. Bear is also a lead advisor to the federal government’s national campaign encouraging apprenticeships and promoting the skilled trades as a career.